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Beautiful and inspiring, our Parisian Louise Govilas talks to us about her passion for fashion, her studies and the brand she created with her mum, Blou. All this, without leaving her Karlie bag…
As this month’s Parisienne, tell us a bit about yourself. How did you become an influencer ?
I was born in Strasbourg, and I lived my life between Greece and France. But Paris is the city of my dreams. I love discovering it every day, and I come here the more often I can. I feel good here, like a real Parisian. I’ve never tried to be an « influencer ». My Instagram account is to express my creativity, to share my passion for fashion and to show my outfits on a daily basis. I’ve started around two years ago, in a very natural way.
What do you do in life a part from being an influencer ?
People are surprised when I say that I am a medical student. I am finishing my last year. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to find the time for both my studies and my activity as a blogger, but I really need to express my creativity so it was natural to me to combine both. I need both anyway.
Where your creativity is coming from ?
I’ve always loved fashion and I pay a lot of attention to what I am wearing. My grandma was a seamstress; she made a lot of clothes for me. She owned dresses with feathers, with pearls, and many Vogue’s editions from the 50s. I was interested in fashion since I was a child, and I am very sensitive to clothes and textures. Growing up, I started sewing my own clothes. Today, I don’t really have the time for that but I can do it for my friends.
How did you decide to create your own brand Blou?
Blou (@thebloushop) is born when I’ve started posting on Instagram some of my clothes’ drawings. Some people started asking where they could buy them. It started by some customs orders. But this activity took a lot of time and I’ve started designing T-shirt. I didn’t expect that it work but it did! It is a project I’ve launched with my mum. She helps me taking care of the orders; I am in charge of all the creative side.
What is your relationship with your followers on Instagram ? Is there a real spirit of community ? Is it difficult to keep it natural ?
I stay natural because this is who I am and it is also for this reason that my followers started following me. I stay true to myself but I try to be accessible. I try to answer to everyone. My followers are interested in my daily life, so I give them advices, tips etc. 
Blou is made for independent women. Which is the message behind your tshirts and how do you see the relationship between clothes and women ?
I’ve been inspired by the « girl power ». But I actually don’t have a particular woman in mind, everybody can identify with the message of my T-shirts. And actually many girls from all around the world wear them. With my t-shirts, we create a community and help each other.
Who are the women who inspire you ?
I get inspired by women in the street or on the internet. Anybody can be source of inspiration for me, no matter the age.
Describe your style in a couple of words
I need to be confortable to feel beautiful and chic. My style is quite simple but I always add a touch that makes the difference. If I had to choose a winter uniform it would be a beautiful coat, boots with small heel and a nice pull. During summer, it would be a flower printed dress. Accessories are very important to me. I love wearing a minimalist outfit with a colorful bag or with a particular detail. It is very important to make the difference and stand out with style.

What do you particularly like about the bag you are wearing?
I love bags with a chain, it is like wearing a bag and a bijou at the same time. It is small, and I love small bags. It really has the perfect size. And I like « structured » and refined bags.
What can we find in your Karlie ?
My keys, my credit card, sunglasses if it’s a sunny day and a lipstick.
What would we never find in your bag?
I never carry a notebook with me, neither bottle of water or makeup (a part from my lipstick). 
Does the perfect bag exist ?
There are many, depending on your outfit.
What does ‘Parisian elegance’ mean to you?
It is natural elegance, that’s what makes all the difference. A Parisian girl is confident and effortless.
Where are you favorite places in Paris?
I love going to parks, going running near the Seine and strolling in the Marais for its boutiques. 

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