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This month Tila Mag met with Diane Ducasse, the designer of the brand DADA Diane Ducasse, in order to talk about her personal style and to see what she puts in her own Zelig Mini.
Can did you came up with the idea of creating your own brand? This is something that you always wanted to do?
I never really dreamed about that, actually I started working as a stylist by accident. I really love to draw, love to dress well, but I never thought that one day all this will become my job.
Just after finishing my studies in Studio Berçot, I understood that I have to do something that interests me, I wanted to find what I love. I felt that the men style, “the woman suit” will soon become the very important part of women’s wardrobe.
This movement initially came to Paris from London, right?
Yes, even 2 years ago in Paris was hard to find a woman who wore men’s suit. I think that there are a lot of different esthetic in the men’s wardrobe, as well as at women’s. And I am not talking about “rock perfecto leather jacket” style. What inspires me the most is the men costume, 3-piece suit for example. I am very influenced by 30s and I try to take this spirit and to transform it in my clothes in the modern manner.
You always liked this “men” style?
In my family women never liked to dress “girly”, so for me it has always been natural to wear jeans and pants, more than a skirt. But in the same time, I love the dresses! I wear them, and I create them in my collections, in a very minimalist style with a special “Japanese” touch.  But yes, I could say that I always liked to dress men.
Your style is very Parisian. What are the Parisian attributes in your collections?
People always tell me that, but strangely I don’t really feel myself a 100% Parisian girl!
I live in Paris for 7 years, and I managed to understand this style very well. I like to dress in this way, and I like to see people dressed this way. I am very inspired by British “uniform” style and Japanese’s knots and kimono’s. If the result of all this mix called French style, well, I am very happy! (laughs) I think that the Parisian style is so popular in the world because it’s very relaxed and chic. It is the attitude of the person who doesn’t have to do a lot of effort to look well dressed. Women could wear my collection throughout a day, but also the night. All the clothes are manufactures in Paris. Those are the elements that made my brand recognizable as a French product.
Describe your style in a few of words.
I don’t know if we can say that my style is androgynous because I design feminine clothes. It’s a style without fuss and « bother ». I always have to find something to do with my hands, so I need pockets all the time. I like that women appreciate my clothes and that they all wear them on their own way.

What do you like particularly in the bag that you carry now?
I enjoy myself playing with colors, it is the “DADA” thing.  Mixing colors that we don’t usually imagine together. I liked this bag in yellow because we could find the same color in my previous summer collection. I mixed this color with blue and creamy white last season.I like contradictions a lot. I adore the size of the bag because the bigger it is the more i want to fill it and it became very heavy. I love this color and the darker stitching. I also love that there are not too much metal parts because I am not very into jewelry. It is sober, and we recognize it with the Zelig signature. It stays chic.  
For you what is the parisian elegance ?
It’s the “effortless”, it’s to wear a T-shirt and a jean without much make-up nor too much accessories. This is how parisian women represent elegance over the world, in a simple way. 
What can we find in your handbag?
My purse, a candy bag, my keys, my subway pass and that’s all.
What we will never find in your handbag?
A cigarette packet. 

Photography: Diane Ducasse @dadadianeducasse by Alexandra Chalaud

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