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Constance Gennari, our parisian of the month unveals us the content of her Karlie. 
Parisian of the month, please introduce yourself.
Buongiorno cara !  My name is Constance Gennari, a half french-half italian parisian, founder of the lifestyle website thesocialitefamily.com
Describe your style in a few words.
A milanese spirit which associate vintage pieces with a very parisian style.
What do you particularly like in the bag you are carrying?
I love its white color, the leather and the lock that I find very elegant and sophisticated. Its "very 70's" classic style is great ! 
What can we find in your bag ?
Do you really want to know ? A big mess ! My children's toys, a red lipstick, sunglasses, and of course my bike's keys !
What we can never find in your bag ?
Good question, I don't know, anything that can't goes inside, like a frame, a lamp, a chair ! 
What are the Parisians places you love most, and why ?
I live and work in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, and I wouldn't change it for anything ! It is a very vibrant neighborhood, with great restaurants and a new different place that opens each month. So I suggest you a diner at the Bistrot Bellet, to have a delicious cocktail at Le Syndicat and to finish the night at La Mano, a new club rue Papillon !
What is your definition of the Parisian elegance ?
Parisian elegance is all about education, it's a woman who loves seducing and who plays with a certain sophistication without knowing it.  

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