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Young talented actress, Dorcas Coppin loves Paris and makes it clear. Meeting with our Parisian.
As this month’s Parisienne, tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do in life?

My name is Dorcas Coppin, I am an actress, singer and model from time to time. I just came back from Bali where I shot my first full-length feature film. I played a first role. It is a french-balinese independent film, a great project telling the impossible love story between a young french aristocrat girl exiled in Bali with her family and a young balinese of modest origins. He will fall in love with her and he will try to seduce her by taking piano lessons from her...

What did you convince you to be an actress?

I started theatre when I was quite young and I was still living with my parents in the North of France. I played theatre for 7 years at school. I quickly realized that I wanted to become an actress, without really knowing the reason why at that time. After obtaining my high school diploma, I came to Pairs. I just turned 19 years old. I started a first parisian school of acting but I didn’t like the experience and I was about to give up. When you know nothing about this, you’re still naïve and you dream of a perfect world. Then you realize is not quite working like this… I decided then to change my school after a sabbatic year. In the meantime I played in different advertising campaign. This experience helped me understanding the film world, the camera and the playing crew… I wanted to try back again and I started a four years formation in a playing studio called Actor’s Factory, created by an American girl. I learned a lot. Many acting schools in Paris don’t have this organic approach, and the learning process is very conceptual. We don’t live the emotions, while this profession is actually about emotion and your ability to embody somebody else’s life.

It is very interesting to see how everybody is arrived to acting by different paths although the origin of this profession is always in the emotions and how deeply we live them.

Many people are attracted to the world of acting for bad reasons. But it is not an easy profession as it is quite unstable. The actors are often uncertain about their future and even the superstars have their problems. When you’re an actor, you always waiting for something: a casting, a response, a shoot, a film release. We never know what will happen next. But it is also an always changing profession, that we always have the occasion to remind to ourselves why we do it. There are moments of doubts, but there is no better feeling to me than leaving a scene in which you gave the best of yourself.
You arrived in Paris when you were 19 years old. What is your relationship towards the capital ?

I love Paris. It is a beautiful city with a great energy. You feel like you are a character in a Godard movie. I have a human relationship with the city, surely because I come from up North, and sometimes I ask myself if I would stay in Paris all my life or not, as I love nature. I am happy when I can leave for the weekend, but after all I really feel good in Paris. I dream of living in the countryside, in Camargue… I am in love with animals and I dream since I am a child to create a structure to host all abandoned animals. I am not sure I will be able to realize this project in Paris tough. I arrived here when I was 19 years old and to me the period of your 20s is the best moment to grow up and define who you are, beyond your career. In Paris, I started defining who I am and I also met my boyfriend, who will become my husband and my kids’ dad. He iss coming from the South of France, and without our common profession and the city of Paris, we would have not met. Another reason why I love this city.

Could you describe your style in a few words? How is your relationship with fashion ?

I have a hate / love relationship with fashion. I love it as much as I can hate it, because I don’t believe in consumerism and trends. But I like staying in tune with the times and I am happy to see that since few years ago, fashion is also evolving towards a more ethical and ecological evolution. I love vintage clothing. I have been a model for a brand called Les Récupérables, one of the first brands involved in recycling clothes. I am definitely for a sustainable fashion. My style is always evolving, that’s why my wardrobe is always full of clothes! I love casual fashion, I am not very “girly”. I prefer sneakers to heels and I love chunky sweaters, and leather jackets. My style is changing with my mood.

Who are the Parisians women who inspire you ?

There are plenty of women who inspire me on a daily basis, and there are more and more independent women who stand for what they love. If I had to choose three women for different reasons, I would choose Angelina Jolie, who I love for her engagement towards helpless children in Africa and her engaged films, Simone Veil for her accomplishments for women rights and because she still inspires an all generation of women. I also admire Brigitte Bardot for her engagement in defending animals. She is quite extreme in her purposes, but for animals she is actually an example and a pioneer.
What do you like in your TILA MARCH bag and what can we find inside your bag?

I love its color because it is different than all my other bags. I also love its design very feminine but comfortable. I love small bags but I cannot carry anything with me... And I always have plenty of things in my bag : tissues, for example, as I have often a cold. I leave in the morning and I only come back late in the evening, so I am used to carry with me a pair of gloves, a lip balm, an hand cream, sunglasses, my wallet and a block notes where I write my thoughts… I usually carry with me some salt! It is a bit unusual, but I love salt and my friends always bring some to me when they come back from travelling. I often have a lipstick, just in case I have to go out at night, a silk scarf and a comb (very useful for girls with short hair). Last but not least, a cereal bar as I am always hungry.

What will we never find in your bag?

Cigarettes, because I quit smoking since a year and half ago. I don’t carry with me any make up either a part of a red lipstick.

Where are you favourite places in Paris ?

Our favorite place with my friends is the Marco Polo in the 6th district. It is an italian restaurant where the team is extremely kind. Another spot that I love is Jah-Jah restaurant, vegan and very yummy! A part from that, I spent almost one hour every day at the gym at Saint-Germain des Prés, my favorite course is hip-hop yoga. I also love going to jardin des Plantes to relax. It is just nearby my flat and it is a stunning place. There, you can find tropical plants, ducks and so on… I often go there to meditate, read and work on my projects. There is also a restaurant I would recommend, it is Takaramono near Gare de l’Est. Their tapas are extremely nice. I also spend a lot of time to the cinema, and I love going to the Hoxton for a drink or a coffee.

Do you have a message for our Parisiennes ?

Just be yourself. Do not try to be like others. Always be true to yourself, even when it is difficult. It is only being yourself that you will be able to accomplish beautiful things and be happy.

Photography courtesy of Andrea Bresciani

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