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Young actress with a promising career, Paloma is our new Parisian. Previously based in NY, she unveils to us her love for Paris and French cinema, as well as the essentials of her Tila March bag.
As this month’s Parisienne, tell us a bit about yourself. How did you become and actress ?
I started theatre when I was young and it was just for fun. At 20, I moved to the US form y studies in art and communication. I also had cinema classes in my school and I decided to take part of it. I asked to my teacher director i it was possible and she accepted. It was at this moment that I’ve decided to get into cinema. A side of this, I took theatre courses in New York. After that, I’ve decided to come back to Paris and I’ve started working in a production agency. Thanks to this experience, I discovered the other side of the actress profession and I met my first agent.
I’ve recently shot my second season of “Munch”, a TV series currently released on TF1. I had the chance to act in “Otages à Entebbe” by José Padhila, Narcos director, and Rock’n Roll by Guillaume Canet.
In my free time I also take pictures, it is my favourite hobby .
Did you to come back to Paris for a particular reason?
I decided to come back because I love French cinema. I dream of acting in a French film. French cinema is rich and authentic; the actors don’t have the same way of working as American actors. But this is not the only reason of coming back. Paris is a magnificent city and I was missing my Parisian life. There are many things to do all the time, exhibitions, concerts; I love this kind of activities.
How do you prepare your characters?
Everything depends on the characters. Some of them require a real preparation and loads of research, others less as they are more close to our real personality. The process becomes more organic and natural.
In France, we have this freedom to let the character talk, when he/she is more close to us and this make them even more realistic. On the other hand, it is very interesting to work on a person very different from our personality.
What is your relationship with fashion?
I love it ¡ I love beautiful things! I am not “girly”, I love wearing nicely and feeling good in my outfits. I love also discovering new brands. But strangely I don’t like going to shopping. I love wearing suits, shirts and t-shirts, I have a “garçonne” inspired style. I love beautiful basics that you can wear all day without feeling uncomfortable.
Your favorite outfit ?
My favorite outfit would be a high waisted trouser, a tee-shirt, a blazer and sneakers. I would choose a nice bag as accessory. To me, a nice bag, nice coat and shoes is what is important in style because they are the details that make the difference.
Are you originally from Paris ?
I am from the 16th district in Paris but it is the neighbourhood that I like the least, surely because I lived there for too long. I actually prefer Montmartre. It is my favourite place in Paris since I came back. I wish I could be there forever. I have two dogs and this is the ideal neighbourhood for pets. It is my countryside; I don’t even have the impression to be in Paris.
I am an actress and I often work from home while preparing a casting or a movie, it is very important to me to live in a peaceful place.
Where are you favourite places in Paris?
To eat healthy, I would say Sarra rue Mandar, in this restaurant all the dishes are based on sarrazin. To have good plates, I would say Neso, rue Papillon, Kitchen Ter(re) boulevard Saint Germain or Amici Miei rue Saint Sabin, and to have a nice glass of natural wine Benichat rue Bichat.
I love going shopping at Roger Vivier or Tara Jarmon. But I also love smaller French brands, that I mostly discover on Instagram. I love Da/Da Diane Ducasse, Bonanza, Maison Cleo, Mirae, Flolove.
They are runned by very small teams, and they deserve to be recognised. My favourite is Ateliers Marli. It is a new brand recently created by my friend Amélie, who designs cabas starting from offcuts of Couture Houses. Moreover, people with handicap realize the cabas.
How would you define the Parisienne ?
The Parisienne is confident, charming and charismatic. She is effortless chic, beautiful and very natural.

Why did you choose this Tila March bag?
I chose it because it has the perfect size. I always carry a book with me, so I need a comfortable format. I chose a burgundy colour because it is nice for winter.

Your essentials?

I always carry with me a flask, as I don’t want to use plastic bottles. My other essentials are: a lip balm, a book, a card-holder, my keys, my sunglasses and my headphones as I often listen to music.

Do you have a message for our Parisiennes ?

I just want to say to all women that they are simply beautiful, that they don’t need anything more. You just have tob e yourself. I this way, you can meet interesting people and spend nice moments with them.

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