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We meet with Dagmara, Parisian by adoption originally from Poland. Carrying her camera always with her, she takes a stroll around the streets of Paris and unveils us her idea of Parisian elegance…
As this month’s Parisienne, tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Dagmara, I am originally from Poland and I just settled in Paris. I came very often since two years ago to see my boyfriend. I just finished my studies at Warsaw’s University; I’ve studied Polish and Advertising.
How did you become an influencer?
I’ve never really thought about becoming an influencer. I’ve just started by sharing what I liked on the social networks. I love taking pictures, fashion and art. As for the rest, it came naturally by itself. I had my first blog at 14 years old.
What is your relationship with your followers on Instagram?
It is genuine. I am true to myself and I only share posts about things that I love and pieces that I wear. I try to reply to any message I receive and all the questions I’m asked.

Your Instagram account shows a big interest in art and photo. Where do you take your inspiration?
I am getting inspiration from many things as art and interior design. I am obsessed with chairs! I also love checking fashion shows, magazines and nature. I have the opportunity to visit incredible places. I also find inspiration on Instagram.
Who are the women who inspire you?
My mum. She is a strong and independent woman.
You are originally from Poland. How did you decide to move to Paris? What do you like about this city?
I already loved Paris even before meeting my boyfriend, who is from Paris. We decided together that I would have been moving here after finishing my studies. I love this city, its architecture, the museums and the fashion all around. I always feel inspired in Paris.
Do you feel Parisian?
Half, half. I think I can say I have a « Parisian style » but at the meantime I just arrived and I still have many things to discover.

Describe your style in a couple of words
I think that my style is elegant but confortable. I like to say that it is based on the idea of « less is more ». I love mixing oversize pieces, as a man’s suit, with some very feminine ones.

What do you particularly like about the bag you are wearing?
I love classic bags; I always choose one I can wear with anything. I prefer small bags to carry with me only my essentials.

What can we find in your Romy bag?
A lip balm, a cardholder, my keys, my iPhone and my camera.

What would we never find in your bag?
Coins! I actually regret to never have on me…
Where are you favorite places in Paris?
There are many. I love getting lost in the streets to discover new places. If I had to choose my favorite place, it will be Saint Germain. I also love the Rodin museum, absolutely stunning outside and inside.

What does ‘Parisian elegance’ mean to you?
It is simplicity and self-confidence.
Tell us a bit about your upcoming projects…
I have many. I will carry on sharing my passion for art and fashion, I will travel and continue practicing French !
Do you have a message for the Parisians girls who are reading this interview ?
I always try to follow this rule : “Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else”.

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