Everything starts with the Cabas Zelig < Back

"The Zelig is the first bag I designed, and which I used in 2006. I created a bag I could take everywhere. It's still our bestseller more than 10 years later"
Tamara Taichman
Although her brand was still a work in progress, Tamara used one of the first prototypes when she attended Paris fashion week in 2006. With no logo, breaking with the "it bags" of the time, it stood out because of its unexpected design, functional nature and recognisable curves with no metal parts. Every woman wanted one, people asked where they could get one and everyone wanted to buy it. The Zelig was born.

Made in Paris, the unexpected success of this bag encouraged Tamara to speed up production and development. A Cabas that does it all, the Zelig is now TILA MARCH’s iconic bag. Since 2006, it has changed every year thanks to new leathers and colours, and new designs. As a bag in progress on the arm of Tamara, the Zelig gave its name to a whole line of bags which today are TILA MARCH's bestsellers every season.
Straight from Tamara Taichman's imagination, the Zelig is the fruit of her inspiration and passion for accessories. Named in homage to the Woody Allen film and his character Zelig, who is always changing, the Zelig is a chameleon which changes every season and accompanies women wherever they go every day.